Luxury Vinyl Plank


Vinyl has come a long, long way since the turn of the century. With the latest levels of printing and photographic technology, vinyl now has the make-up to resemble and feel like real wood or stone. So why go through all this trouble with technology? What are the pros and cons of Luxury Vinyl Plank anyway?

In fact, there are many pros of vinyl flooring. In the prior century, vinyl was predominately used for kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas of the home where water, other moisture, and dirt were present due to its resistance to such. Now vinyl is used everywhere, not only for the water and dirt resistance but also for its resilience and long-lasting durability. Just about any vinyl floor will last over 20 years in a residential space. That means no sanding, refinishing, or replacing your floors for a lengthy stretch of time.  Vinyl is also known for being easy to maintain and clean.  All it takes is regular sweeping and occasional mopping. The only thing that was really holding this flooring back from being used more was its look. Well, now that problem is solved!

Hence the name, “Luxury Vinyl.” This term came about to describe a vinyl tile or plank floor as one that mimics the look of wood or stone including marble, travertine, and slate. Technological advances have steadily developed these looks to the point where it now can be very difficult to tell if you are walking on a luxury vinyl plank floor or not. One of the perks with these floors can give you a good clue though. It has a slightly softer surface than that of wood and tile floors. That softer surface provides more flexibility making it easier to stand on for long periods of time (another advantage for kitchens).

Another pro of luxury vinyl plank floors is its installation options. It can be installed directly over just about any sub-floor including an existing linoleum or tile floor. It is also a great choice for sub-floors with cracks or those that move. The installation, depending on which type as there are multiple, can be quite DIY-friendly as well. Some luxury vinyl plank floors come in an interlocking or tape down system where no glue is required; these types bode especially well for the DIY-er.

Last, but certainly not least, luxury vinyl plank floors are cost-friendly when compared to real wood or real tile floors. So, you get the best of both worlds; a floor with supreme realistic wood and stone looks that comes with all the advantages of vinyl. It’s no wonder why luxury vinyl has become the trendsetter that it has this century

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